Tartanista Men's Traditional Scottish Clothing

We offer a huge range of traditional, dress, semi-dress and informal Scottish clothing for men. 

Kilts | In over 20+ different tartans from Royal Stewart to Blue Douglas

Kilt Outfits | Take the stress out of your kilt shopping and pick up a complete 5 piece kilt outfit. Available in 7 different tartans from Plain Black to Honour of Scotland. We currently stock sizes 30" waist to 54" waist. 

Sporrans & Sporran Belts | Sporrans are available in 5 different styles appropriate for all types of events from dress to semi-dress to everyday wear. 

Shirts | Both formal (dress) and informal (semi-dress/everyday wear) shirts are available on our store. Jacobite Shirts are our most popular shirts and come in both black and white at sizes XS to 4XL. We also sell cummerbunds, braces, and sleeve holders.

Jackets & Waistcoats | We sell the main four types of traditional Scottish jackets/waistcoats. The Argyll waistcoat, the Prince Charlie jacket, Swordsman waistcoats and tartan waistcoats. Available in sizes 34 - 58 (S - 3XL)

Golf Trousers | Murray golf trousers are available from our store. Available in a variety of tartans from Black Stewart to Grey Granite and sizes 30W/31L to 40W/31L.

Shoes | We stock both traditional Scottish shoes and traditional Scottish boots in UK sizes 6 - 15. 

Kilt Belts | No outfit is complete without a nice belt. Whether you are looking to complete your traditional Argyll outfit, or simply make a kilt appear more dress than semi-dress, we have you covered.

Kilt Buckles | Although some of our belts come with buckles, it's often nice to hand select your own buckle to add that personal flair to your outfit. We have over 25+ different styles and designs of kilt buckle for you to shop from.

Accessories | Our range of Scottish kilt accessories contains (but is not limited to) Kilt Pins, Socks, Sock Flashes, Hats, Fly Plaids, Pipe Band Accessories, Sgian Dubhs and Scarves.