Socks & Flashes

Tartanista Kilt Socks/Hose & Sock Flashes

We offer four different styles of kilt socks/hose. Hose are long stockings, they are worn knee-high with the upper part of the sock folded to create a thicker cuff just under the knee. 

Socks/Hose available in sizes UK mens 6 - 14. 

Decorated Socks/Hose | Decorated socks, or decorated hose bear an embroidered emblem. We have a large selection of these ranging from the simple embroidered Scottish flag, to more complicated thistles and Welsh dragons. 

Hose Top | Hose tops are appropriate for a variety of occasions. They can be worn with shorts, kilts or in ceremonial dress they can be worn with spats. In working dress however they are worn with high leg boots. They are traditionally tartan coloured, matching the kilt. 

Plain Socks/Hose | If you are after a more conservative and modest look, explore our selection of plain socks/hose. They are appropriate for both formal, and informal occasions. We currently sell plain socks from a variety of brands from Tartanista (our own brand) to Gleann Righ.

Marching Socks/Hose | Marching socks or Marching Hose are specifically designed to prevent blisters. They come in UK mens sizes 6.5 - 12

Kilt/sock flashes are elastic garters that are designed to help holding your hose up. They have an elastic band with metal or plastic clips on the end. These bands are adjustable and come in either a tartan or a colour that matches your kilt.

Kilt flashes are worn around the outside of your leg, with the clip facing forward (the same way as your shin faces). The top of the kilt flash is then covered with the rolled over hose top.