Tartanista Women's Accessories

Garters | Garters are used to keep stockings, and sometimes socks up. We currently stock garters made in Scotland that fit legs 16" to 20" comfortably. Our garters come in a variety of colours and are appropriate for weddings and other formal occasions

Tartan Fabric | Our tartan fabrics comes in one size, 106" x 53". We stock over 16+ different tartans from the classic Royal Stewart to the lesser known military Black Watch tartan. 

Kilt Extenders | Kilt extenders can be used to extend the width of a kilt by 4" from the last hole. In most cases you will need to buy 2 or 3 per kilt. 

Throws | Our quintessentially Scottish throws are all made in Scotland by Ingles Buchan. We sell two different tartans, Black Watch and Royal Stewart at 69 x 62 Inches. 

Tartan Scarves | We currently stock tartan scarves made from either Cashmere or Lambswool in over 20+ different colours and styles. From the classic 100% pure cashmere Royal Stewart scarf to the vibrant Fuchsia 100% lambswool scarf, there is something for everyone. 

Women's Sporrans | From the traditional Scottish craftsman brand Margaret Morrison, we have two luxury handmade sporrans for women. Available in two colours, Dark Brown Leather and Brown Suede, our woman's sporrans are of the highest quality. All of our women's sporrans double as handbag/bags and can be worn at dress, semi-dress or casual occasions.